Asbestos Removal and Demolition in Cairns

Setting Up to Undertake Asbestos Removal or Demolition in Cairns

Do you need to consider asbestos removal before demolition in Cairns? With structures built in the 1980s and prior, all the way back to the immediate post-war period, asbestos is a potential risk that you can’t ignore. From cladding and siding to roofing tiles and much more, a wide variety of asbestos products were used in both residential and commercial construction for many years. Before demolishing a structure, it’s essential to ensure you won’t contaminate the local environment. Breathe Easy Asbestos Removal and Demolition is adept at providing both remediation services and safe, full-scale demolition projects.

What Sets Us Apart in Demolition and Asbestos Removal in Cairns?

Why choose our team? The decision you make about who will work on the asbestos-containing materials (ACM) on your site is critical. You must be able to rely on a team that understands how vital thoroughness is when dealing with ACM. Here’s how we meet and exceed that bar:

  • Our focus on detail. We identify every area that has ACM, formulate a strategic plan to eliminate the risk and execute with thoroughness.
  • Our dedication to our customers. Answering questions, providing clear timelines, and delivering the certificates you need for confidence in the safety of the site — we offer excellent support when you need answers.
  • A more affordable service without cutting corners. We’re no fly-by-night providers; instead, we look for ways to pass savings along to our customers while still delivering the same high level of service.

By providing our clients with the type of superior service we’d hope to receive for our own properties, we aim to ensure both satisfaction and safety.

Tips Regarding House Demolition in Cairns

Planning a brand new build, or want to convert an older residential property into something more valuable for today’s real estate market? Knocking down the old structure is a fast path to a blank slate, but you should keep a few things in mind, especially if there’s a risk of asbestos. Try these tips:

  • Does some research about your home to better understand its origins, such as when it was built. This research is an important step that can help to shed light on what types of materials may hide behind the walls.
  • Engage in sample testing to confirm any potential presence of asbestos. Bring one of our qualified technicians on-site so we can safely take a sample and send it to our NATA accredited lab partners.
  • Work with contractors that handle disposal as well as demolition. Not all demolition contractors have the ability to haul away contaminated materials after removal; our team does.

Why We Are a Cost-Effective Choice for Demolition Services in Cairns

By focusing on delivering a job done the first time correctly, Breathe Easy Asbestos Removal and Demolition can save time, work more efficiently, and leave behind a truly safer site. We don’t leave potential sources of fibre lurking just out of sight to save time or cut corners. Instead, we provide the price type of service our clients expect — so there’s no need to continually address concerns over ACM for years. Reach out today to request a demolition or removal quote.